Great Poker Sites for Qatari Players

The wonderful casino classic, Poker, remains a favourite of players in Qatar and across the globe. Appearing in multiple forms across multiple platforms this game has been the centre of many a casino, online, or otherwise. What makes this game so popular is that it is one of the most skill involved of the casino games available, and therefore the players have more control over the outcome and of course the winnings.

Perhaps because of its success or maybe how fun it is to play, this online casino game has developed many different variants from all over the world. This means players can enjoy many different types of Poker, to find their very favourite variant of the game. This definitely makes a great place to be to find the best Qatar-friendly poker sites!

Poker is perhaps the most variant-capable classic casino game of all time. Off the list of available Poker variations, the three largest sub groups are Draw, Stud and Community card. The first of these revolves around drawing a full, hidden hand and then replacing parts of that hand, an example of this is the 5 Card Draw.

The Stud variant of the mobile casino game is a more betting oriented version of the game with a selection of face up and face down cards that players bet on for several rounds. Examples of these are 7 and 5 card stud. The last version on the list is perhaps the most popular of the online variations, and consists of a community of cards and a smaller player hand, with the player hand being used in conjunction with these community cards to form up the different hands. Here we have the likes of Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em.

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Possible Hands in Poker Games

The way this game works is that players use the 52 playing cards in a standard deck of cards to build up different 5 Card hands that can ideally beat the other players hands. These different Poker hands start out at the simple pairs, which are just a two of a kind combination. This escalates to two pair and then to three of a kind. After that is a Straight, which is formed by getting 5 consecutive cards in terms of order, so an Ace, 2, 3, 4 and 5 would be the lowest of these possibilities. Next comes a Flush, which is 5 cards of the smartest suit.

Next is a Full House, which comprises a three of a kind and a pair. This leads to a four of a kind and then onto the very rare straight flush, which is as the name suggests, a fully suited 5 cards in consecutive order. The very best hand the this wonderful game has to offer Qatar and the world over, is the Royal Flush and is a fully suited 5 cards in the highest possible consecutive order, that is, a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace all of one suit. These Poker hands pretty much remain throughout all variations, which makes them crucial knowledge for players getting into the game.