Play Online Video Poker in Qatar

Now that there are plenty of ways to experience and enjoy casino games from the comfort of the home, the casino games themselves have had to effectively endeavour to represent themselves to the players in order to garner interest from the community. What this inevitably produces is some incredible variations of old classic that come in different and unique forms, almost turning them into entirely different and separate games.

This is the case with Video Poker, which is essentially the famous classic card game but with the possibility of more online related additions that make the lack of the felt and actual cards that the land based versions of the game had, not feel all that missed. This is definitely due partly to some of the impressive online casinos available out across the web and in particular right here at that continue to host and unveil new and improved versions of the great game of Video Poker.

In order to fully grasp this classic card game variant players must first be entirely aware of the cards and their appropriate standings. Firstly the order starts with Ace at the bottom, as well as at the very top of the rankings, able to act as both a 1 and an Ace. The objective of the game then becomes to complete groupings of up to 5 different cards in the highest possible manner. This starts out at the simple pair and 2 pair, which are just two of the same rank card, or 2 of these for 2 pair. Next come triples, fairly self-explanatory, which is followed by a Straight. A Straight is 5 cards in chronological order, so Ace, 2, 3, 4 and 5 would make up the lowest possible Straight. Then comes a Flush, which is 5 of the same suit. After that it is 4 of a kind, or quadruples. And finally ending with the Straight Flush which holds the highest hand in the game, the Royal Flush, a suited 5 card hand consisting of 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

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This order and selection of hands remains the same for every variant of Video Poker and therefore is rather essential to have mastered. This is because regardless of the version of this great game, be it Texas Hold’em or 7 Stud, this one card game that truly requires some skill to help them win, making this one casino game that’s not such a gamble.

Gameplay with Online Video Poker

Players from Qatar will find the Video Poker available through these various top casinos wide-ranging and rather different from the standard land based versions. Firstly the appearances of the games change considerably and the different available formats allow for some rather unique experiences. The second noticeable difference is that the bluffing aspect of the game carries with it less weight than in live online Poker play because it is a computer that players are competing against, not another player, and so scaring them off with high bets on low cards to sweep up the blinds is not really an option. Still the game has a lot to be desired and the action involved is like no other casino game.