Best Sic bo Online for Qatari Players

There are a fair few interesting betting games that have stemmed from China and since then have gone on to spread around the world. Online Keno is one of these. However so is the fantastic dice game of luck, Sic bo. This betting game of oriental origin is played with three 6 sided dice and a betting board which holds all the possible bets.

With an aspect similar to that of Craps in the way of dice and Roulette in the way of the betting board, this game makes for an interesting mash up that is a lot of good fun. Plus, through the top online casino sites on offer to the players of Qatar through this comparison site, there are also tonnes of cool online perks. These include some really high levels of online security, support in multiple forms and even a few fun bonuses for players along the way.

The gameplay for a dice game such as this one can appear slightly complicated at first, but with a bit of persistence and practice players will be able to jump completely into the swing of things. Besides, there’s a really rather informative betting board that goes along with Sic bo so players can always pretty much tell what they’re betting possibilities are. That being said, a basic guideline on the gameplay couldn’t cause too much harm.

Firstly, there are 3 dice in this game. Each of these has 6 sides so when the 3 of these die are each tossed together there are a fair few possibilities on what the outcome may end up. This is especially the case when players can bet on the outcome of even just a single die.

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Secondly, the betting is laid out in such a way that each roll of the dice will return a definite win or lose verdict. A little like the Roulette betting system. Here players can play the odds and bet for either a safer 1:1 on something like high or low, or go for the less likely, higher return tactic of betting on specific triples appearing which returns 180:1. Bets available include the aforementioned high or low and the specific triples, however there are plenty more including bets for the generic triple, doubles in all forms, specific overall sum totals of the dice, other random 2 die matchups and individual 1 to 6 numbers representing each die. Phew, so definitely quite a full house of possible bets to be made with this fun and interactive dice game, and since it is predominantly luck based the odds are weighted to the likelihood of the rolls occurring.

Safe, Secure Real Money Sic bo

On top of the clearly exhilarating online experience of playing the great dice game Sic bo, players will also have the pleasure of playing it in a safe environment and amongst ample support and security. This means that through these top Qatar casinos here at players will be able to enjoy games like this one with a peace of mind and a relaxed approach. Plus these sites welcome new players with some riveting bonuses that can get the dice rolling pretty much immediately.